BFI conducts mental fitness session for boxers during lockdown – Tea N POPCORN

The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) on Sunday became the first national sports body to conduct a mental fitness and emotional well-being session, which was attended by 374 boxers and coaches from the country.

The interactive session covered pressing issues like match-day anxiety, training in absence of coach and how to maintain well-being during such uncertain times. The experts also discussed tips on positivity and mindfulness.

Dr.Samir Parikh, Director, Fortis National Mental Health Program and Divya Jain, Sports Psychologist, Head of Psychological Services, Fortis Healthcare, conducted the session.

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“It is so important that the BFI is giving emphasis to mental conditioning and wellness in these times. It’s a very good initiative that needs to happen at all levels as a continuous effort,” said Dr. Parikh.

During the session it was conveyed that to overcome the match-day anxiety, the pugilists should keep themselves relaxed by listening to soothing music and not think about the outcome of the bout.

Divya Jain, on her part, said: “Success in sport and other fields is not just about your technical skill base but also mental conditioning and as a player, you need to stay focused, confident and positive. Also, just like you devote time for physical training it is equally important that we devote time for mental conditioning as well.”

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