In Victorian England, the Queen grants a garden sanctuary to exceptional Dr. Dolittle, a vet who can talk to animals, and his wife Lily in appreciation for their medical service to herself and the animals that they have rescued around the world. Dr. Dolittle and his wildlife staff see visitors from far and wide. All with their sick, injured and troubled animals in town. Life is perfect for the couple until Lily goes to discover The Eden Tree on her own adventure. It is the legendary plant whose fruit is said to be able to heal any disease ever known to humankind. But, Lily loses her life in terrible sea storm.

Seven years later, the now reclusive Dolittle has for some time not seen the outside world. His life exists only inside the walls of the gates, with the sanctuary shut-off from outsiders, which were once a sign of comforting welcome to many people.
Untidy messed-up hair, a twisted net of a beard is Dr’s new looks. he gives up when he loses his wife. He no longer wants to be in contact with other humans. But his life takes a new turn when two children arrive to him. The Queen, who is deadly sick, sends one child with a message ordering Dr. Dolittle to cure her. And the other child is a boy who accidentally shoots a squirrel and wants the help of the Dr.

Dr. Dolittle finds out that the Queen is poisoned and the antidote (a fruit) of the poison is in a faraway land. Therefore, he sets out with his crew for the antidote. After his adventures against King Rassauli and Dr. Blair, he reached the island. But there he and his crew meet Ginko-who-soars, a fire breathing dragon. The dragon stops attacking Dr. Dolittle and his crew when Dr. helps the dragon to get rid of her armor and pipes. She points Dr. Dollitle to the antidote.
The Queen gets cured and finds out Lord Thomas poisoned her. Then Dr. Dolittle opens his sanctuary again.

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