With an increase in cybercrimes, privacy, as well as private information are at high risk. These developed technologies meant for bringing ease to people are sometimes used as a weapon against people. People are becoming more aware day by day regarding cyber-related issues, Vikram Bhatt’s Hacked takes a cinematic route to spread cyber awareness among people.

Sam (a character played by Hina Khan) is a businesswoman, who is friends with a teenage boy (played by Rohan Shah). Rohan is a 19-year-old teenager who is a computer genius and is obsessed with Hina. Hina rejects Rohan’s obsession and explains to him that he was very young for her. But Rohan doesn’t take the rejection well and he hacks all sensitive, social, private information related to Hina and her company. He uses his expertise to keep an eye on Hina’s life and uses all hacked information against her for blackmailing.

Rohan’s negative character role in the film portrays very well that how a cyber-criminal can bring hell in the life of its victims. What happens to Hina’s character, how she finds her way out, what twists and turns are there in film, all this will be revealed once the film is released.

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