Panga | Dream, Dare, Struggle, Family support and Triumph


Panga is a social message driven sports movie that targets woman’s stand in this patriarchal society. Even today where we claim to have stepped up for equal status for man and woman in society, the age-old patriarchal mentality still creeps among us showing its colors now and then.

The movie revolves around a middle-aged woman in her 30’s who is a wife, daughter, mother, employee as well as a former kabaddi player. While playing day to day roles, it becomes very hard to focus on personal dreams. The film also portrays how society looks upon when a woman dares to step out of the walls where her space was confined.

Jaya Nigam (played by Kangana Ranaut) who is a former kabaddi player (raider) dares and struggles to make a comeback in kabaddi and play for her country. Her life seems torn between family responsibilities and her love for kabaddi. Where on one hand society and old traditions comes in her way like hurdles, her family gives their full support so that she can achieve her dream. The film is a package filled with emotions, struggles, family drama, humor, sports and goosebumps giving social messages.

Kangana Ranaut very clearly conveyed the message through her character Jaya Nigam that “Jo Sapne dekhte hai wo panga lete hai!” (those who dream, they mess around with all issues).

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